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300 mg Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a naturally occurring nutrient that helps your brain and neurons function efficiently.

With age, the amount of Phosphatidylserine can decrease causing memory and recall concerns. However, plant-based Phosphatidylserine has been clinically proven to support memory and brain function.

Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

Rich Cacao packed with a variety of powerful antioxidants targeted to improve blood flow and neural connectivity.

Only 5 grams of Sugar

And, free from artificial sweeteners and flavors

Clinically Proven Nutrients

Third Party Tested


Made in USA

Nutrients + Chocolate for Better Absorption

These aren’t pills you will forget to take. These are real foods you will look forward to eating each and every day, giving you a daily defense against cognitive decline. Every nutrient we incorporate has been proven effective in multiple clinical trials, and each of our products are carefully vetted by our scientific advistory board.


Meet Phosphatidylserine, The Powerful Brain Boosting Nutrient

“The phosphatidylserine included in the Memory Chocolates has been studied for decades and has been found to help to lower cortisol levels – particularly, in people who are under chronic stress. This might suggest that if you start taking this earlier it may help protect your brain, save you from dementia, and help you maintain your memories well into your old age. Blue Lake is focused on providing targeted nutrients for cognitive health, like this one, as tasty convenient foods, for better delivery and absorption into the body."

– Blue Lake Scientific Advisor, Dr. Patricia Walicke MD, PhD Neuroscience

Studied for 40 years and counting

Phosphatidylserine has been studied for over 40 years in the scientific and medical community because of its critical importance in maintaining cognition function. 

Featured in over 30 clinical trials

Phosphatidylserine has continued to show favorable effects on cognitive function when incorporated into a daily routine. 

Take control of your brain health, in a few bites a day

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The Blue Lake Promise

Our team has spent years researching and testing our products to ensure the highest quality and efficacy measures. We standby our products and are committed to helping people take control of their cognitive health.

However, we know that this may not be the right product for everyone. Which is why we provide our customers a Worry Free Refund Policy. Meaning, customer can simply email us at within 60 days of purchasing the product and we’ll refund your money. It’s that easy.

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Featured Clinical Studies: 

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